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Every week, when I share my grocery haul on YouTube (you can check out my playlist here), people are amazed at the prices I get at my local discount grocery store.  Whole chickens for $1.49, Ferrero Rocher for 25¢, and bags of salad for 50¢ are just some of the deals I have gotten recently.  Each video has comments like, “I wish I had a discount grocery store,” or “How can I find a discount grocery store.”  Well, here you go!  I am sharing where you can find a discount grocery store near you

discount grocery store

First… What is a discount grocery store?  

The term “discount grocery store” is not one that is legally defined, so just about any grocery store can claim to be a discount grocery store.  When we use the term, though, we are referring to a store that is an outlet store for groceries.   The packaging could be changing, stores could have over-ordered, items could be close to or over their sell by date, packaging is damaged, or it could be any number of reasons why the groceries could be sold at the discount store.  Stock changes weekly, so you never know what is going to be available.  These stores help keep edible food out of the landfill and allow customers to make the most of their grocery budget.  They are also called salvaged, thrift, and scratch-and-dent stores.

Discount grocery stores are only advertised a couple of ways. 


Yes!  You can find some of the most popular discount grocery stores by googling them.  Of course, any store that you can find online is sure to have a large following.  They are usually popular for a reason, though.  These stores are well-stocked and well-priced.  The main issue is that, with popularity comes competition.  And it can get rough.  If you show up at my discount grocery store on truck day and stand in the produce department, you will know the true meaning of the word “competition.”  Grandmas will elbow you in the ribs to grab the last $1 watermelon.  Be warned.  You can get good deals, but it may take a little effort and timing to get the best ones when you go to a store found on google.

Local Newspapers

Lots of discount grocery stores are small mom-and-pop type stores that don’t have huge advertising budgets.  Instead, the put ads in their local newspapers.  The free newspapers are usually the best ones, as the owners of these stores know that their best customers are the ones who are reading them.  Occasionally, they will advertise a big sales event.  Out local discount store has an annual customer appreciation day, and it is the only time they advertise.

discount grocery store

Many discount grocery stores are not advertised.

These stores don’t have the budget for ads, so they rely on word of mouth.  You can find them a few different ways.

Social Media

Do a search for “Salvage,” “Thrift,” or others related terms, “Grocery,” and your city in Facebook or on other social media sites.  You may find that there is a discount grocery store in your area.

Local Facebook Groups

Pretty much every area has a Facebook group for those who are bargain hunters.  It could be a free giveaway group, yard sale group, or one man’s junk; but any local group of bargain hunters know where the best deals are to be had in any area of your budget.  This is a good place to ask if anyone knows of a discount, salvage, thrift, or scratch-and-dent grocery store in the area.  If there is one, these folks will know about it.

Your Cheap Friends

We all have a cheap friend.  They make bargain hunting an Olympic sport.  Ask them about local stores they will tell you all you need to know- maybe more.  I found my first discount grocery store when a friend took me shopping with her.  Since then, I have been committed to discount store shopping.

discount grocery store

The Amish Community 

Discount grocery stores are frequently run by the Amish.  The first discount store I ever went to was down a dirt road, back in the woods, on an Amish farm.  My husband was scared to death that we were trespassing on someone’s property when I took him there for the first time, but right next to the farm house was a little building that held the store.  That was in Maryland.  Tangi, who lives in Kentucky, often shops at a discount store run by the Amish in here area.  If you have a local Amish community, there may be a discount grocery store available.

The Frugal Family Food Facebook Community

I don’t know if you know this, but there is this great community for frugally minded people who want to eat well on a budget.  It has over 100,000 members, and they come from everywhere.  This group is the perfect place to ask about discount grocery stores in your area.  You may even make a new like-minded friend, learn a new recipe, or get some tips on stretching your budget.  You should click that link and join ASAP 😉

These are the best places to find a discount store in your area.  Make use of them all, and maybe you can find some new resources to stretch your grocery budget.

And don’t forget to head over to the Frugal Family Food Facebook Community after your first shopping trip and share your deals!  We can’t wait to see your best bargains!


Amanda is a wife, mom, and all around frugal lady.  She shares her family and faith on The Fundamental Home and Fundamental Faith YouTube channels.  She also blogs at   There, you can find her blog series, “How I Feed My Family of 5 for $100 Every Month.”  Amanda is co-creator of Frugal Family Food and, as such, is dedicated to helping families eat well on a budget. 

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  1. Thanks Amanda and Tangi! I won’t give up, since I don’t have a “regular” discount store here. This helps me to think outside the box!

  2. We are fortunate enough to live in an area that has not only several discount grocery stores, but also many discount/bulk food stores operated by the Amish/Mennonite communities. It’s a great reminder to look around for the resources we are blessed with! Keep up the great work ladies, I really appreciate the information you share to help others!

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